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12-April-2010: So... Ya, its like that

Ok Assholders, while you may have been releasing for quite some time
then I fear I must break that promise I made never to give you up, let you down
run around, or desert you - or at the least the let down part.

See, I have started my graduate studies, gunning for Masters degree in
Medialogy. So far I have, for science, monkey'd around in a motion capture
suit, done a project where I prooved that it is possible to make people
sick by playing computer FPS games (for SCIENCE!) and
now...well... I just don't feel that I have that much time left over
for webcomicing.

But fear now oh clenchers of the sacred annals: I will resume at some point,
so keep those shinkters tight and well lubed, for the vengeance of Goliath
shall grace us all at some point with the glory of the Goatse God!

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or other mobile suits features or characteristics are to be considered works of fanart - as that is what the cartoonist (Webkilla) considers them: They are tributes to cool anime, with wonderfully designed mecha. So to whoever
might take offense to the use of such material: Chill - I mean no harm, only fandom. Similarly anything or anyone else I might plug or show in the comic is not meant as a ripoff unless explicitly stated as such in the comic.

Also, All characters, unless noted otherwise, are Webkilla (the git who makes this here comic) and any attempts at screwing around
with that will result you being put in a room with the fatman... and you REALLY don't want that.